BMI weight loss guide | help find your optimum weight for height

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BMI guide

The Body Mass Index (BMI) compares your height to your weight and indicates whether you are a healthy weight for your height.

As a guide, a BMI number:

• less than 18 means you are under weight
• less than 18.5 indicates you are thin for your height
• between 18.6 and 24.9 indicates you are at a healthy weight
• between 25 and 29.9 suggests you are overweight for your height
• 30 or greater indicates obesity.

If you are obese, consider consulting a doctor, or losing weight or changing your lifestyle.

TO FIND OUT YOUR ESTIMATED BMI NUMBER – Just enter your weight (either in stones, pounds or kilos) and height (either in feet, inches or metres) and press the Calculate Your BMI Now button and get an instant result. An estimated BMI result of between 18.6 and 25 is optimum.